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Cadillac Escalade DUB' Edition

Hi guys, im back with a new car, a big car this time, Cadillac Escalade but is DUB' Edition...hmmm DUB' is transformed in a classic ride, lowride with big wheels, more chorme, and cool interior, nigga^^...the car is modified by me, kalash and coolboy
-Little bodykit
-Lowride wheels
-New interior (Nokia N95, Psp, Money, Lcd, Dose pepsi, Nunchuck, Magazin Reviste, Momo steering wheel, New seats front and large seat in rear, Xbox 360, Xbox games, Sony plasma TV, Neon led yellow, Audio system)
-DOWNLOAD ??? no just pics':




Just a dream...

Sad...just a dream for me, i working soo much and i have a problem with doors, i search help and one among will...cann't yes his name he don't says as i am elsewhere is offered to help me...after 2days is talk with me as and how ace be a shit for him...just a help with doors and i received this ??? nvm guys just a dream for me but now is abandoned for what is happened...cya

Bmw M6 E24 Street Tuning

Hi guys im back with a new car, a Bmw but this time a little old, in my country this car is populated for ilegal races or another else, really i like this car is awesome for drift and you drop easy of police
-Small bodykit
-New exhaut
-New rims
-New interior(Rollcage, Mahogany 3-Spoke steering wheel, Sparco seats, Lcd, Psp, Nokia N95, N20 X3 Canister, 3Pepsi box by SHAKE, Remove rear seats)
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-And now some pictures:



Gta Pro Street Part1

Hi guys, this is my first video maked with my bro' Kalash about Pro Streed in GTA SA i will make with him more videos about that...just see'

Saleen 281' Red Wheelie

Ok ok this is...A BEAST !!! a real good car for wheelie or drag i love this car...a 2007 muscle car and thats awesome'
-Special bodykit
-Special hood
-Special spoiler for drag or 'wheelie'
-Special rims for wheelie
-Nitrous on hood
-New exhaut
-New interior(Rollcage, MOMO steering wheel, Sparco seats, Nos sistem, Nos X1,
some objects on bord in interior)
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-and pics*:



Bmw M3 E92 Drift Roots

Hi guys, i also with my friend Kalash and Allex have determined to tuned the new Bmw, and i tuned with my guys the Bmw M3 E92, recognize as i had many of worked to she I succeeded the saddle finishes it
-Cool Rims
-Club Tokyo Intercooler
-BBS wheels
-Orange windows
-New interior (Sparco seats, Rollcage, Xbox Games, Xbox 360, Skateboard, MOMO steering wheel,
subwoofer by SHAKE, JBL Audio Speakers, Club Tokyo DJ mixer)
u want to DOWNLOAD it? ok
and now pics':



Hi guys, this is the second car tuned of mine for the clan CLUB TOKYO, is a very car knowed of you, hmmm the old and good RX7 FC3S
-HKS Intercooler
-Drift Wheels
-High Quality tints
-New interior (Rollcage carbon, New sparco seats, MOMO blue steering wheel, Lcd,Playstation3, Ps3 Games, JBL Audio Speakers)
-And now pictures: