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Peace and Quiet...

I think at all of you...and i would like to tell to all of you some thing' read this:

1: Maybe you don't know why i don't put my cars at donwload..but fom tha day that i made this blogspot i wished to give my cars to all of you..but i was lied to many time's , on MSN of course, and i couldn't continue, still i didn't wanted to put my cars 4 donwload 'cause some guyz import tha cars..changed tha pj..changed tha wheels and a few things ...then they told to everyone..."oh it's my car" ex: MIMISS...tha world it's to i would not put my cars 4 download ...
2:I thought like this...that it's better from all of you to understand ....because my opinion it's that everyone ...of us to change in good...when i say good...i mean if 1of you modify a car....just share it tha pj wheels everything's with everyone...of course i'll start 2 to put my cars 4 download ....but i will not do this without your help...... saw that some of you...hate me....but do you realized that you made this thing?i mean that some of you lied me ....i realized i chosed donwload from my work...but if you listen my word's....maybe i'll change my mind
3:You think that you make me sad if you say some bad word's ...if you post something bad about me on your blog or something like that???NO guyz you are totally wrong...i don't give a shit about what you say about me!!!>....only thing that i really my real family real friend's ....i'm not from a rich family don't know me guyz.....from could hate me your entire life....but i really don't care...think at what i said....from now's your CHOISE...Peace


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